H3 Permanent name badge with language flags

H Series (H3)

H series name badges are very popular, versatile and tough. They have a classical style with rounded corners – good for all industries;  particularly popular in hospitals. This badge is a H3 with a chrome frame. The printed insert is permanently named to include the appropriate national flags denoting the language ability of the named individual.
H series are availaH3 classically styled moulded name badge in a chrome frame
Permanently named
Language flags permanently printed to suit the individual.75 x 25mmAvailable in a range of colours to include: Red, green, Blue, Yellow, Black and White – also gold and chrome for that executive look. A wide selection of non-standard colours are also available. A choice of 9 Panel inserts come in a variety of finishes and colours. They can also be printed to match your corporate colours precisely

You can have complex logos or photos with no limitation to the number of colours or metallic tones. We use perfume, ultra violet light and scratch resistant inks.
The badges accept a wide range of fittings – including our own versatile ‘Superior pin’, our combined pin and clip, or magnet. We also offer a frame with an integrally moulded pin for extra lightness if required.
Don’t worry if you are not sure what you need as we can provide a free design service for you.

75 x 25mm

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