B1 Lightweight badge, gold frame and metallic print

B series are lightweight name badges that come with a highly reflective frame with distinctive bevelled edges. Ideal  for low light environments such as hotels, theatres, cinemas. This name badge is a B1 badge in a gold plated moulded frame, with a white insert that is over-printed with a metallic logo.

We use UV stable inks, which are robust and resistant to perfume.

This version is re-nameable.  You can name the badges yourself using standard self-adhesive label printer which we can supply, or we can permanently name your badges for you.

The B1 is supplied with an integrally moulded brooch pin for added toughness and lightness.

The name badges also accept a wide range of fittings – including our own versatile ‘Superior pin’, our combined pin and clip, or magnet.

65 x 25mm

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